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Benefits and Welfare

Enabling the people we support to live a full and active life

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At Norwood we want to ensure that the people we support have their own income, allowing them to live a full and active life. Most adults with learning disabilities get at least part of their income from benefits, so we help people apply for and manage these.

The level of support we provide depends on each person’s capacity to make financial decisions - in many cases our role is simply to offer advice.

Support provided through an appointeeship

For many people living in a Norwood residential care home, Norwood holds what is called the ‘appointeeship’. When Norwood is appointee:

  • The person we support can access their money as and when they need it
  • It is easy for the person we support to manage their own financial contribution towards their care
  • We can sign welfare benefit documents on a person’s behalf. Where necessary, we can make and receive phone calls on behalf of the person
  • All letters and forms can be addressed to Norwood directly to prevent delays
  • We are responsible for the administration of the benefit
  • We make all the necessary contribution payments and ensure that the person we support has enough money left to live on
  • We regularly check the level and type of benefit that the person receives.

Other support provided (outside an appointeeship)

Norwood also provides support when we do not hold appointeeship. We help by:

  • Attending benefit assessments to provide support
  • Challenging decisions when the need arises
  • Keeping the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) updated with any changes or information that may affect the payment of benefits
  • Ensuring there are no gaps that may affect future benefit claims
  • Keeping the people we support up-to-date about changes in the benefits system.


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