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Health & Wellbeing

We want to help improve both the health and the wellbeing of everybody we support. The work we do is always person-centred and we include the individuals we support in the plans and decisions that affect them. Our health and wellbeing work includes:

  • Promoting good physical and mental health
  • Promoting involvement, interaction and communication
  • Providing specialist services, including a range of therapies for adults and children
  • Facilitating health action planning and education
  • Supporting access to health services
  • Working towards a sense of belonging, purpose and inclusion.


Adults’ Wellbeing

We have a range of services designed to add to the wellbeing of the adults we support. With their input, our staff are able to work out what each person needs and which service would best suit them.

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Childrens' Wellbeing

We have a range of services which support children in lots of different ways, all designed to add to their wellbeing.

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Boy doing Occupational Therapy


Our hydrotherapy pool at Ravenswood is fully accessible. The water can improve a person’s physical and psychosocial wellbeing and give great enjoyment. The pool can be used by people who live in Norwood accommodation, as well as by the wider community. Swimmers can take part in timetabled sessions or can hire the pool for group or individual use.

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Hydrotherapy pool


Doing something you like and enjoy is a great way to meet new people and develop a fulfilling life. We provide a wide range of very different activities, so there should be something for everyone.

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Sports can help you be healthy, sociable and part of the community. We offer lots of different sports for all levels of ability. We want people to discover how a sport can help them improve their lives, developing their social skills alongside their physical skills.

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Wellbeing at Bearstead

Wellbeing at Bearsted is our health and wellbeing centre in Hackney. We provide expert health care advice and services for the local orthodox and wider Jewish community in partnership with the City and Hackney Community Health Services.

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Norwood Drugsline

Following an in-depth review of our children’s, education and adult services (completed June 2016), we have decided to reshape some of our services to ensure that they are fit for the future. Norwood Drugsline drop-ins and workshops will stop running, but we will continue to support individuals and the community within our social work and counselling services, providing people with greater access to more holistic support.

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Norwood Drugsline


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