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Leaving Norwood a gift in your Will

Kennedy Leigh
Supporting Norwood long into the future

Leaving a gift to Norwood in your Will

You can help ensure that Norwood is here for future generations. By leaving a gift in your Will to Norwood, no matter how large or small, you will ensure that no generation will be without Norwood's support.

Your generosity could be a lasting testimony and will help to safeguard the future of Norwood and the people we support.

Why leaving a gift to Norwood means so much

Norwood relies on the money we receive through people leaving us a gift in their Will. Without people like you remembering Norwood in your Will, we simply wouldn't be able to deliver the range and quality of services that we offer.

As a result of the gifts we receive, we can, for example:

  • support children and families to cope better with bereavement through our counselling services.
  • enable children, who are struggling to learn, to remain in mainstream schooling through our range of holistic therapies.
  • give greater independence and choice to adults with learning disabilities by offering them appropriate support and accommodation to meet their needs.

If you believe that no generation should be without Norwood’s support, please include a gift to Norwood in your Will.

How to leave a gift to Norwood

Making special provision for Norwood in your Will is really quite simple, but it should be included in a professionally made Will. If your Will is already prepared, we can provide advice on wording a codicil.

There are three ways you can leave a gift:

Residuary – A Residuary legacy is when you give the residue or balance of the value of your estate or a percentage of the residue or balance of the value of your estate.

Pecuniary – This is a specified sum of money, decided when your Will or codicil is written.

Specific – This is when a particular item of value is left to Norwood. It includes stocks and shares, proceeds of life assurance policy, property, furniture or jewellery.

To find out more about how a gift in your Will could make a difference to Norwood, please contact Oshrit – our Gifts in Wills Lead on 020 8420 6946 or

Are you the executor for an estate?

If you’re the executor for an estate with a gift left to Norwood, we can help. We understand that administering an estate can be complicated but our Legacy Administration team can support you with this.

  • 020 8420 6852