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Parent Advisory Telephone Helpline

A free confidential service for parents, carers or teachers

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Our Parent Advisory Telephone Helpline (known as PATH) is a free service.  If you are a parent, carer or teacher, you can call us for a confidential discussion with a qualified professional. You can discuss your concerns about a child or young person either at home or at school, including their:

  • Learning
  • Development
  • Behaviour
  • Social issues
  • Emotional issues.

The service provides initial support and advice, exploring possible ways forward. This can include information about referrals and services, at Norwood or elsewhere, that might be useful to you.

You can contact PATH using the details on the right.

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Can we help?

Contact PATH. If calling, you can leave a brief message with your contact details.

Contact us now:

Telephone: 020 8457 4490