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Skill Builders Summer Camp 2017

Lego Therapy


Skills Builders Camp

Join us at Binoh’s exciting and educational Skill Builders Summer Camp and help your child improve their fine and gross motor skills in an enriched sensory environment.

What we offer

  • Fun activities and games run by experienced Occupational Therapists.
  • Daily participation in a social skills group run by Speech and Language Therapists.
  • A drop-in service with our Educational Psychologist to discuss your child’s well-being, learning or behaviour.
  • A summary meeting held at the end of the week with parents.
  • Families can sign up to either the Lego camp (being run by the SLT team) or the Skill Builders camp (being run by the OT team).

    The camps are designed in such a way that during breaks there will be cross-over between the therapists so that each child will have the opportunity across the week to be observed by therapists from different teams while still having their primary focus in the area that their parents have selected.

The Details

9.45am–12.30pm, Monday-Friday, 7-11 August OR 14-18 August
The Kennedy Leigh Family Centre - NW4 4HJ
£225/week per child
7-11 years old

Contact us now:

For further information, please contact Anna Gordon.