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Employee Volunteering

Corporate social responsibility

Giving staff a "day out" of the office to help at local charities is a cornerstone of CSR with many companies and one that Norwood welcomes.

As much as Norwood benefits from this additional support, employers also can see improvements in staff engagement and morale.

Employees also appreciate working for a company that supports the local community.

Norwood can work with you to develop a CSR programme that fits with your requirements and staff availability. Because of our wide range of offices and homes across the south-east of England, we can provide you with CSR opportunities that are conveniently close to your staff.

Our Employee Volunteering Programme encourage situated personal development and team building and offers meaningful opportunities to your staff.

To benefit from our CSR services, please contact the volunteering team at 020 8420 6926

Read about our CSR initiatives with MicrosoftVodafone and Hewlett Packard.

Other CSR supporters have included RBS, Dell and BP, and we also provide opportunities for smaller local groups and busineses.

Norwood can help you to enjoy the benefits of working with a highly respected CSR partner.

Contact our volunteering team on 020 8420 6926


How we make a difference:
Jon’s story

Norwood van

It is my absolute pleasure to be able to help out.