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YN Challenges Committee

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Our Committee

  • James Scott (Chair)
  • Gemma Ackerman
  • Elliot Caplan
  • Gary Conway
  • Kate Levy
  • Hannah Mellow
  • Martin Skinner
  • Carianne Stern
  • Alex Taylor


I felt excited when I signed up for the YN Sicily challenge, but as the trip approached I became increasingly nervous. My fears evaporated, though, once I was on my bike exploring the roads of Sicily and I began to thoroughly enjoy myself and the incredible sights around me. Although there were some real challenges (and moments where I questioned my sanity!,) overall it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.

Bianca Murad



Taking part in the YN Sicily bike challenge was an unforgettable experience. I was very proud to be involved with something that supports such a great cause. Bring on the next challenge!

Kate Levy, Member of YN Challenges Committee

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To find out more about the committee and how you can get involved, contact Anthony Shaw, YN Relationships Executive, Fundraising.

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