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YN Lawyers Committee

People at YN Lawyers event holding up 'like' and 'dislike' symbols

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Chair – Toni Schneider and Deborah Margolis

Our Committee

  • Chloe Strong     
  • Claire Holmstock      
  • David Kaiser 
  • Jacqueline Renton         
  • Janine Fess        
  • Jonathan Bower              
  • Jonathan Graham           
  • Michael Holmstock        
  • Miriam Rahamim            
  • Rachel Feldman              
  • Samuel Whiteman         
  • Simon Walton  
  • Simone Goligorsky         

Get in touch

Please contact Olivia Fox, YN Event Fundraiser for more information about YN events, committees and more.

Contact us now:

Telephone: 020 8420 6850