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Jewish Life at Norwood

Norwood lies at the heart of the Jewish community. At Norwood, Jewish life enables the people we support to connect and be proud of their Jewish heritage and celebrate their Jewish identity in a way that is meaningful and inclusive for each individual.

This includes Jewish based activities, music, food, celebrating Shabbat and Festivals with family and friends and engaging with their local community.

Our homes are fully kosher and have regular inspections by our Norwood Rabbi to ensure standards are maintained.

All staff receive Jewish Way of Life training as part of their induction as well as ongoing Jewish culture training throughout the year.

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“Radlett Reform’s Cheder have had a wonderful partnership with Norwood for a number of years now.

Through our volunteering opportunities, the children have worked alongside residents of Norwood which was amazing to see. We look forward to a continued partnership.”

Radlett Reform Synagogue

About Jewish Life at Norwood

Jewish Culture Shabbat and festivals

Shabbat and Festivals

Shabbat and Festivals are celebrated across all our services and are a special time for the people we support who engage with their culture and enjoy participating in the various activities and traditions. In particular, a joyous atmosphere is found in our homes every Friday night where we have developed easy read resources to help celebrate in an inclusive way.

The people we support celebrate Jewish life by:

  • Enjoying special meals for Shabbat and Festivals which are sometimes supported by volunteers who lead the lighting of the candles and the blessing for kiddush and challah.
  • Preparing their home for Shabbat and Festivals by laying the table, decorating their homes, buying challah and helping to say the blessings.
  • The highlight events of the year are the Norwood Chanukah and Purim parties when all of the homes celebrate together.
  • Joining creative activities and events both within their homes, centrally organised Norwood activities and joining their local communities in celebrating Shabbat and Festivals.

For Shabbat prayer we are proud to use the Jweb Accessible Siddur and the Siddur Lakol

For other easy read resources for Shabbat and Festivals

Jewish Culture Community and Synagogues

Jewish Community & Synagogues

Enabling and empowering the people we support to live meaningful and fulfilling Jewish lives is at the heart of everything we do. Connecting individuals with their Jewish life and culture is an essential part of allowing people with learning disabilities or autism to embrace their Jewish identity.

Norwood works together with you to ensure that every person with a learning disability feels welcomed within the Jewish community to practice Judaism in an inclusive way. To support this we provide bespoke sessions, helping your organisation to better understand learning disabilities and how to offer inclusive services and activities.

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Jewish Culture Jewish Life

Jewish Life Volunteering

Celebrating Shabbat and the various Festivals, together with the wider community is vital to supporting Jewish life at Norwood.

There are many ways in which volunteers from Synagogues and groups can help with this by participating in activities such as:

  • Friday night/ Festival volunteers to light candles in homes
  • Sharing Festival celebrations
  • Befriending
  • Supporting the people we support and staff in Synagogue
  • Delivering Jewish based activities in our homes e.g. Jewish songs, arts and crafts etc.

The support and assistance we receive from across the community allows us to deepen each individual’s personal connection with Judaism, in a way that is relevant to them.

If your community would like to be involved in enriching the lives of the people we support, or if you and your community are able to support us in any other way,


Why choose us?

  • Norwood supports children and families facing challenges, and adults with learning disabilities or autism. Established in 1795, Norwood is the Jewish community’s oldest charity to have Royal Patronage since 1815.
  • Norwood supports more than 2,500 people a year.