Adult services

Adult Services

What we Do

Norwood is able to provide both residential and supported living services for adults with a primary need of learning disability. 

We also support other conditions such as autism, complex health needs, mental health, physical disabilities and sensory impairments as secondary needs.

Norwood is an inclusive organisation and offers lifelong support, enabling adults living in our services to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Norwood has been supporting the community for over 225 years and have multiple services in North London, Essex and Berkshire.

Ravenswood Village in Berkshire was established in 1953 by four families with the aim of providing care and education for their children with learning disabilities. Today, Ravenswood Village provides holistic care and support for almost one hundred adults with a range of profound multiple learning disabilities through both residential care and supported living services in a community setting. Its family roots are still in strong evidence today, and Ravenswood Village has been a part of the Norwood family since 1996.

You can contact us


Phone: 020 8809 8809 (Mon – Thu: 9am – 5.30pm, Fri: 9am – 1pm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do Norwood Support?

Norwood supports adults with learning disabilities, complex health needs and autism. We also support people who have additional needs such as mental health, physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Is there an age limit for Norwood’s support?

Norwood’s adult services are able to support those have reached the age of 18 and classified as adults, with no upper age limit.

Where are Norwood’s services?

Norwood has a range of residential and support living accommodations in London, Essex and Berkshire.

Are Norwood’s services regulated?

All of Norwood’s residential and supported living services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the governing body for care services in the UK. For more information, please visit here

Why choose us?

  • Norwood supports children and families facing challenges, and adults with learning disabilities or autism. Established in 1795, Norwood is the Jewish community’s oldest charity to have Royal Patronage since 1815.
  • Norwood supports more than 2,500 people a year.