Supported Living

supported Living

What we Do

Norwood provides supported living services for adults with a primary need of learning disability. We also support other conditions such as autism, complex health needs, mental health, physical disabilities and sensory impairments as secondary needs.

Supported living is where people have their own homes via a tenancy agreement.

Supported living does not mean less support nor is it only for more independent people. The hours of support can be as little as 10 hours a week to 24/7, 1:1 support.

There is a choice of different types of accommodation according to individual needs and preferences. This can range from self contained flats to shared houses. Some will have been purpose built, and some have been redeveloped to cater for mobility and access needs.

Everyone has their own bedroom, which is furnished and decorated as the person chooses. Some bedrooms may have ensuite, depending on the size of the property. Bathrooms and all areas of the property can have adapted facilities where needed.

You can contact us


Phone:  020 8809 8809 (Mon – Thu: 9am – 5.30pm, Fri: 9am – 1pm)

Norwood is an inclusive organisation and offers lifelong support, enabling adults living in our services to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Norwood has been supporting the community for over 225 years and have multiple services in North London, Essex and Berkshire.

Ravenswood Village in Berkshire was established in 1953 by four families with the aim of providing care and education for their children with learning disabilities. Today, Ravenswood Village provides holistic care and support for almost one hundred adults with a range of profound multiple learning disabilities through both residential care and supported living services in a community setting. Its family roots are still in strong evidence today, and Ravenswood Village has been a part of the Norwood family since 1996.

You can contact us


Phone: 020 8809 8809 (Mon – Thu: 9am – 5.30pm, Fri: 9am – 1pm)

Current Supported Living Vacancies


A block of 7 flats, each having two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a modern kitchen and lounge. There is also a communal lounge and garden, with a car park at the back. The property can support people with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities who have little or no mobility needs.




This is house has a lovely garden, modern kitchen and comfortable lounge. It is near the town centre, with good public transport links. The property can support people with mild to moderate learning disabilities, who have little or no mobility needs.




This is a large property where all tenants have which have their own ensuite bedrooms, and share communal lounge, dining room and kitchen, it is close to amenities and has good public transport links. The property can support people with moderate to severe learning disabilities, who have little or no mobility needs.



Frequently Asked Questions
How can somebody live in Norwood’s Supported Living service?

Compatibility and need are two of the most important aspects of our consideration. Norwood carefully assess each person’s needs and their requirements before offering a placement.

Referrals can be made by an individual’s family, by their assigned social worker or a health professional, and each person will be individually assessed and be given choice as to the options available and with support for them at all times.

Can I make the place my own?

All Supported Living placements should reflect the individual. Each person can adapt and decorate their home with personal furniture or homely touches. They have their own front door and are encouraged to feel safe and secure there. We respect and recognise that we are working in people’s homes, and that they are not living within our workplace.

How is it paid for?

This is often a very sensitive subject as nobody would want to live in a place that they cannot afford. Therefore the rental of the property and certain communal items are paid for by the individual, but this is covered by Housing Benefit (that they should be entitled to). As for the care and support element, this is treated as a separate item and agreed up-front and prior to moving in. Often this is covered by the individual’s Council or Health Care allowance.

Why choose us?

  • Norwood supports children and families facing challenges, and adults with learning disabilities or autism. Established in 1795, Norwood is the Jewish community’s oldest charity to have Royal Patronage since 1815.
  • Norwood supports more than 2,500 people a year.