norman smiling

Rosh Hashanah Appeal 2023

I’m Norman, this is my story

“I’ve been living at Norwood quite a long time now. I’ve made my home like I want it. I love celebrating there.

I grew up in the North, where my dad was a local Rabbi. Dad passed away a long time ago but I’ve carried a lot of the tradition he taught me into my own home. I know a lot of the Jewish blessings by heart, like The Shema. Whenever Dov (from Norwood’s Jewish Culture Team) visits me, we put on a tallit and pray together. I like that. On Rosh Hashanah I’m looking forward to him coming to run a service and blow the shofar.”

You can help make it possible for Norman and many more people to fulfil their potential and live independently in a loving, stable environment. Please donate whatever you can this Rosh Hashanah. Thank you. 

Photo of Norman with Dov reading the scroll with a quote graphic from Norman saying 'I love it when Dov visits and we learn and pray together.'