Joe with his support worker Ola - Pesach Appeal 2023

Pesach Appeal 2023

Hi, I’m Joe and I wanted to tell you about me and Norwood

When I was a kid, Mum used to take me to the Unity (inclusive holiday and weekend) play sessions at the weekend. Sometimes, I also got to stay over at Buckets & Spades (short-stay service for children and young people), which was like a little holiday. Then, when I got older, I needed a place of my own. For a while, I lived in a different home. I didn’t like it – the people there couldn’t understand me or what I wanted. I used to get so frustrated and angry. I’d throw things at them. I wouldn’t get out of bed, or if I did I’d sit in the corner and rock for hours, trying to calm myself down, but it didn’t always work. I stopped having a bath and wouldn’t go out.

In January 2020 Mum and Dad found me my new Norwood home. I like it there. They understand me, even when I’m having a bad day. I don’t rock at all now and I’ve made friends. I get up and do things because every day is different and interesting. Now I’m happy to have a bath. I go to the barber on my own and I also like to go shopping to buy myself new clothes, and treats which I’ll share with my friends when we do our Seder.

Everyone at my home is friendly and they get me to try different things. I don’t like cooking much, but I do like art and I’ve had my paintings displayed in an art gallery in London. It’s cool. I’m happy here.

You can help make it possible for more people like Joe to fulfil their potential and live independently in a loving, stable environment. Please donate whatever you can to support Norwood this Pesach. Thank you.